I. General Introduction

1.1 Introduction

TADA Technology Company Limited was established and operated under the law of Vietnam and granted a business registration certificate No. 0315802938 (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “TaaS Truck” or “Service Provider”).

TaaS Truck – an application that helps logistics/forwarder companies to manage trucking operations and build up long-term relationships with customers and truck operators.

Please read the Terms of Service carefully. By using the App and/or TaaS Truck Service (defined below), you agree that you as the Service User have read and understood the content of the Terms of Service.

1.2 Definition of Terms

“TADA” – TADA Technology Company Limited

“Service Provider” – TaaS Truck, whose information is given at the first part of this Terms of Use section.

“Service User” – a corporate, organization, individual and/or representative who meets all conditions to have the rights using TaaS Truck and are legally responsible to the Service Provider under this Agreement.

“Account Owner” – original subscribers; or admin account holder; or someone who accesses the System by an admin account.

“You” – Account holders or employees who are granted to access to the store by account holders; those who visit and find out information on the website www.taastruck.vn

“Services” – TaaS Truck transport management software running under the domain name www.taastruck.vn and TaaS Truck application.

“TaaS Truck App” – oficial TaaS Truck app on iOS and Android operating system which is downloaded directly from Google Play or App Store

“Website” – The web page displaying through the address www.taastruck.vn

“Content” – Images, symbols, articles, videos posted on the Website

“Third Party” – Customers, partners, suppliers of the Service User

“Data” – Data in electronic form stored on the website is limited to access by accounts which are set up by the account holder.

“Common Area” – including Home page of www.taastruck.com; sign-in screen; footer pages, logo areas pages on the web and the TaaS Truck app on mobile devices.

“Private area” – including Management screen page, content sections of management pages.

“Features” – Features are available and are being offered on TaaS Truck.

“System” – the connecting system for transport of Goods based on the application of software technology and accompanying customer support and care services, called TaaS Truck.

“Hotline” – Service Provider’s hotline for sales and user support: 1900636296

The content of these Terms of Service conforms to the current provisions of Vietnamese law. Member and Service User, when participating in the System of the Service Provider on the App and/ or Website platform, means committing to strictly complying with the content of these Terms of Use.

II. Scope of application:

This policy applies to TaaS Truck Transport Management Software, the official version that runs on TaaS Truck’s servers under the official domain name www.taastruck.vn and TaaS Truck application. TaaS Truck maintains the Website www.taastruck.vn and subdomains as a service provided to customers but not limited to individuals and organizations. By using this Website and any Services provided by TaaS Truck, you agree to comply with This Term.

In addition, while using a specific Service provided by TaaS Truck, you have to follow its separate terms and conditions accordingly from time to time. TaaS Truck may change and adjust these Terms, you can review new updates at any time on this website.

If you continue to use the Service, you acknowledge and agree to comply with the updated Terms of Use. Violation of Terms and conditions may result in the suspension or removal of your account, services or other permitted activities under TaaS Truck Service use agreement.

III. The Service Provider’s Rights and Responsibilities

3.1 The Service Provider’s Rights

Having the right to request the Service User to provide necessary information, papers and documents for verifying transactions arising on the System of the Service Provider.

Having the right to suspend cooperation with the Service User in case of violation of the Service Provider’s Terms of Use or any actions contrary to the Code of Conduct for members of the System.

Having the right to refuse to resolve disputes and complaints when Service User fails to comply with instructions.

Having the right to manage, exploit and use the Common Area on the Website, Application following the sole decision and review of TaaS Truck. Any requests of the Service User to use the Common Area on the Website or Application for the Service User’s own purposes may arise additional charges besides the service fee specified in the Contract.

Having the right to access to the Account Holder’s Private area if and only if consented by the Account Holder for the purpose of supporting and handling incident cases as required in an emergency situation, in order to prevent unauthorized intrusion or destructive attacks from outside.

3.2 The Service Provider’s Responsibilities

Comply with the provisions of the law applicable to the Service provided.

Develop and publicly publish on the Website/App the operation regulation of the e-commerce trading floor in accordance with the law; monitor and ensure the Service Provider’s implementation of the above regulations.

Check and verify registration information of the active accounts on the System.

Retain Service User’s registration information right from the date of registration of the App and regularly update changes and additional information.

Take necessary measures to ensure information security, not disclose, transfer, lease or sell information related to users without the consent of related parties, unless the law has other regulations.

Promptly handle when detecting or receiving reports on violations of law, policies or community standards on the App.

The Service User is required to provide all necessary documents to verify the account.

Coordinate and assist State management agencies in investigating law violations, providing registration information, transaction history and other documents about the subjects committing law violations.

Maintain the normal operation of the Software/App and quickly fix any problem that affects the operation related to technical problems, software errors, Internet transmission error, personnel problems, social fluctuations, natural disasters, power failure, decisions of a State agency or a relevant third party. In case of force majeure issues such as natural disasters, fires, social upheavals, decisions of authorities, that are out of control, Service Provider does not have joint liabilities.

Other obligations and responsibilities in accordance with the Agreement and relevant laws.

IV. The Service User’s Rights and Responsibilities

4.1 The Service User’s Rights

The Service User is allowed by the Service Provider to keep personal information confidential in accordance with the regulations on Information Security on Electronic Applications.

Having the right to refuse service or to use the App without giving a reason.

Having the right to install the App on personal mobile devices, use the Service for legal use of individuals or organizations.

Having the right to contribute opinions to the Service Provider during the operation. Recommendations are directly sent by letter, phone, email or other unlawful channels to the App Provider.

You have full access to the Private Area which is protected by personal password for your activities. TaaS Truck does not interfere and is not responsible for your actions affecting data and information in the Private Area. Any requirements arising in the use of the Private area excluded in the original commitment may be charged in addition to the service charges specified in the Contract.

4.2 The Service User’s responsibilities

Provide complete and accurate personal information as required by the Service Provider upon registration and during the use of the Service provided by the Service Provider.

Take full responsibility for the use of their account on the App Provider’s System.

Perform right actions, fill in correct information in correct sections. The Service Provider is exempt from liability for damage resulting from improper operation by the Service User.

In case the Service User loses the account or changes any prior information, the Service User is obliged to notify the Service Provider for the procedure to change or temporarily block related transactions, helping the Service User manage the use of the service. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for or settle claims in case the Service User fails to notify the Service Provider, resulting in a third party’s use of the Service User’s account.

Not authorize, assign or transfer accounts in any form to a third party.

Not use any other’s account to request the performance of the Service and take legal responsibility for all actions performed by your own account .

Be responsible for the accuracy of the information that you provide or add when using the Service Provider’s service.

Not intentionally defame, slander, or make up anything that harms the honor or reputation of the Service Provider.

The Service User is responsible for managing and securing the Account provided by the Service Provider, and complying with the terms of use.

Other obligations and responsibilities in accordance with the Agreement and relevant laws.

V. Limitation of Liability and Insurance with TaaS Truck

TaaS Truck will not assume any responsibility or joint responsibility for the consequences of unauthorized access to TaaS Truck servers, websites, or applications; the account holder’s equipment and data or customer data due to accidents, illegal devices, third-party equipment and other causes outside the control of TaaS Truck.

As a condition of using this Website and the Service, you agree that TaaS Truck, TaaS Truck employees, members, shareholders, agents, suppliers will not be liable to third parties for losses in profits and business opportunities; damages, costs incurred directly or indirectly by connecting to this Website or using TaaS Truck Services.

TaaS Truck will not assume any responsibility or joint responsibility for the quality of products, services and information of third-party websites associated with the Website www.taastruck.vn. In addition, TaaS Truck does not have the responsibility and authority to confirm, certify information and quality of services, products or compensation for damages related to your use of the services or products advertised on those websites. We recommend that you get to know your partner thoroughly before proceeding with cooperation to avoid unexpected damage. TaaS Truck neither guarantees nor takes responsibility for your business results after using the Service.

VI. Determining the responsibility between the Service User and the Service Provider in resolving issues

You are responsible for immediately notifying TaaS Truck when detecting the problem, actively cooperating with TaaS Truck to fix it as soon as possible. In the event of an incident involving a Third Party, it is your responsibility to coordinate with relevant parties to resolve it. You understand and accept that, in any case, TaaS Truck always tries to assist and remedy, however TaaS Truck will not be responsible for damages incurred as a result of your non-notification, delay, or concealment.

VII. Member’s personal information protection policy

Depending on time, the Service Provider may adjust and modify the Information Protection Policy. If the Service User is concerned about personal privacy, please visit this page more often to be updated with the latest information. If the Service Provider makes changes to the Information Protection Policy and of course this shall affect the Service User’s interests (for example, if the Service Provider intends to use the Service User’s personal data for purposes other than the Prior Notification in this Information Protection Policy), the Service Provider shall notice the Service User of these changes before any new activities.

VIII. Responsibilities for case of technical errors

The Service Provider is committed to making efforts to ensure the safety and stability of the entire technical System. In case of an incident caused by the Service Provider’s error, we will immediately take the necessary technical measures to ensure the safety and stability of the entire System and its member’s rights.

The Service Provider is committed to providing the high quality of service to the members involved in the transaction. In case of detecting technical errors, software errors or other objective errors in the transaction process, the Service User shall notify the Service Provider via mailbox: hotro@tada.global; or Hotline 1900636296, they will be repaired as soon as possible. However, the Service Provider will not be responsible for resolving if the Service User’s Notice does not reach the Service Provider because of technical errors, transmission errors, software or other errors not caused by the Service Provider.

In the event of an incident occured by the Third Party, the Service User is responsible for coordinating the relevant parties to resolve. You understand and agree that, in any case, TaaS Truck always tries to assist and remedy. However, TaaS Truck will not take responsibilities for damages incurred as a result of non-notification, delay, or concealment from the Service User

IX. TaaS Truck Application

If you have downloaded the TaaS Truck App from the Apple App Store or Google Play, the following terms will be added and take effect:

This clause is an agreement between you and TaaS Truck, and not with Apple or Google. TaaS Truck (not Apple or Google) is responsible for the TaaS Truck App. You acknowledge and accept that Apple or Google have no responsibility to provide maintenance and support services during the use of the TaaS Truck App.

When using the TaaS Truck App, you understand and accept that we reserve the right to use the following API systems to access data on your phone: (1) Read and save in your contact book, (2) Get your current location, (3) Save TaaS Truck App data on a memory card, (4) Access the Internet from your device. All of these accesses are only made by your permission. You understand and acknowledge that, once you have granted us permission, you will not have any complaints against this access;

The TaaS Truck app installed on your device has an active mode even if your device loses Internet connection; TaaS does not guarantee the data you are viewing on the App is the latest data of the system so that you understand and ensure that the device works under good Internet connection when you need access to the latest data;

You understand and agree that you have a responsibility to preserve the equipment and/ or devices installing the TaaS Truck App under your control and safety; TaaS Truck is not responsible when your business data is stolen or taken advantage due to your negligence;

You must comply with the terms of the Apple App Store and Google Play’s on the service, including the rules of use.

X. Third party affiliate service

Affiliate services are incremental, charged or non-service-charged services by TaaS Truck and third parties, which are provided to users of TaaS Truck software.

You acknowledge and agree that your use of a third party affiliate service is out of the agreements between you and TaaS Truck specified in the contract of TaaS Truck Management Software Services provision; and you will take sole responsibility for the use of the affiliate services provided by third parties.

By using the Third Party Affiliate Service, you understand and agree to the terms of use of the affiliate service, and agree to share necessary information, data to use the affiliate service. TaaS Truck only shares information and data that has been agreed to be shared by you so that third parties can provide affiliate services. You may further refer to the terms of use of the Third Party affiliated services about the information and data shared when using the affiliated services.

XI. General Terms

11.1 Term & condition

The Service Provider’s Terms of Use are valid from the date they are publicly published and take effect when the Service User confirms on the System. The Service Provider has the right to modify or amend the rules to suit the activities of the Service Provider as well as to make it convenient for members. These amendments shall be Notified on the Website and/ or App of the Service Provider. The amended or modified regulations shall be effective from the date of the Notice of Change. That Service Users continue to use the service after the published adjustment or amendment of regulations means the Service Users have read, understood and agreed with the adjusted or amended regulations. Members of the System are responsible for complying with the applicable regulations when using the Service provided.

11.2 Terms of Commitment

For the Service Users: Any member using the Service of the Service Provider means they have read and accepted the terms and regulations that the Service Provider has given.

For the Service Provider: We are committed to complying with the terms and responsibilities mentioned in the Agreement.

11.3 Other Terms

These Terms and Agreement are adjusted and explained in accordance with Vietnamese law. All disputes arising out of or related to the Agreement shall be firstly settled by the Parties in the form of negotiation and conciliation in the spirit of goodwill and cooperation. If the Parties fail to resolve in the form of negotiation or conciliation, the dispute shall be resolved at a competent Court of Vietnam.

The parties agree to use the confirmation function via the System to implement the Agreement. By the confirmation of the Service User or authorized representative according to the provided information, the Service User confirms the legal validity of the Agreement, and takes full responsibility in case of complaint or lawsuits related to the value of this Agreement.

The Parties agree that the Agreement made via electronic devices without the use of each Party’s corporate stamp does not affect the validity of the Agreement.

If any of the Terms of the Agreement is ineffective under Vietnamese law, the invalidation of the Terms shall not affect the validity of the remaining Terms of the Agreement, unless there is another provision of Vietnamese law.

Despite the provisions of Vietnamese law on sample contracts and General Trading Conditions, the Parties agree to the Terms of this Agreement.

The Agreement is made and stored in electronic form. Each Party commits to having understood the entire content of the Agreement for implementation.