TaaS Truck – an application that helps logistics/forwarder companies to manage trucking operations and build up long-term relationships with customers and truck operators. Websites and Services, Features are provided on a “doable” basis. TaaS Truck engages to ensure the safety and stability of the entire technical System. However, you should note that this Website and The Service are based on Internet connection services and may be subject to power outages or interruptions, damaged by external attacks and delays. In such cases, TaaS Truck is committed to working to recover; or make adjustments, repairs and replacements in its power to restore the system.

The Service Provider’s Terms of Use are valid from the date they are publicly published and take effect when the Service User confirms on the System. The Service Provider has the right to modify or amend the rules to suit the activities of the Service Provider as well as to make it convenient for members. These amendments shall be Notified on the Website and/ or App of the Service Provider. The amended or modified regulations shall be effective from the date of the Notice of Change. That Service Users continue to use the service after the published adjustment or amendment of regulations means the Service Users have read, understood and agreed with the adjusted or amended regulations. Members of the System are responsible for complying with the applicable regulations when using the Service provided.