I. Purpose and scope of information collection

To ensure that the transaction is done in the most successful way and to minimize risks that may arise and to ensure the best benefits of the Service User, when registering to use the Service that is provided by the Service Provider, the Service User must provide complete initial information including: name, phone number, email. This information will be strictly confidential, will be verified and stored in the System of Service Provider.

The Service User will be solely responsible for the confidentiality and retention of all services using the service under its username, password and email. In addition, it is the member’s responsibility to promptly notify the Service Provider of any unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, and retention of a third party’s username and password for appropriate solutions.

II. Address of the unit that collects and maintains the information

III. Scope of using information

Purposes of collecting information:

IV. Commitment to confidentiality

The Service Provider undertakes not to disclose information of members, the Service User to any other organizations or individuals. In exceptional circumstances, the Service Provider may be required to disclose personal information, for example when there is grounds for the disclosure to be necessary to prevent threats of life and health, or for law enforcement purposes. The Service Provider is fully committed to complying with the information security rules, the privacy policy and the privacy policy.

V. Time to store information

The Service Provider will store the information provided by the customer on our internal Systems during the use of the customer or when the customer requests to destroy the information provided during using period.

VI. Mechanism to receive and resolve complaints related to personal information of customers

Members have the right to submit complaints about the disclosure of personal information to the third parties to the Service Provider by mailing or by email: hotro@tada.global.

Taas Truck is responsible for implementing technical and professional measures to verify the reflected content. Processing time to reflect customer personal information is 15 days.