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The Industry-wide Problem in Logistics

1. Lack of Technological Expertise or Resources

With more and more competitors, logistics companies are always searching for ways to implement new technologies to improve the quality of service to better serve customers. However, they often don’t have enough time and IT resources to successfully apply technology in management, especially in the tracking of logistics trucking activities.

2. Finding a Simple-to-use Solution

There are many softwares or solutions available in the logistics market, however, most of them are complicated with a lot of redundant features. Installation and maintenance also require extensive IT resources. Cloud services are usually poorly supported as well.

3. Seeking a Reliable Solutions Provider

Finding a reliable logistics software provider with affordable cost is always a challenge for logistic companies. Besides IT or infrastructure, the provider should have the ability to understand, customize and support daily business operations. However, these value added services are currently lacking in the market.

Our Solution to This Industry-wide Problem

We are the doers who have painstakingly built our own mobility platform and logistics software systems from the ground up with drivers and users satisfaction in mind every step of the way. With the demand, we have received a lot of positive feedback from customers and partners and have made appropriate edits.

Rest assured, our systems have been rigorously tested. You can be assured that our solutions are tried and tested as they are put to use daily by our own operations team in South East Asia.

We have successfully helped logistics companies with our white-label software solutions and made our proven software app accessible to the world with great affordability.

Our Proven White-label Logistics Software App Solution

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Ngoc Khanh
(Truck owner - Binh Duong)
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I have used the TAAS Truck and feel very satisfied. The features are very complete but still easy to use and guide for our staff
Quang Thoai
(Logistics Company Owner - Long An)
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The application I received has been customized in features, so it is very suitable for our business activities. Very useful features and easy to use
Thanh Tan
(Truck Owner - Binh Phuoc)
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After using TAAS I can manage orders and vehicles very accurately. All information and operations are integrated into the application. In particular, I can check the location of my trucks and drivers during delivery.
Quang Huy
(Truck Driver - HCMC)
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After using TAAS I can manage orders and vehicles very accurately All information and operations are integrated into the application In particular, I can check the location of my trucks and drivers during delivery.
Quoc Truong
(Customer of logistics company - HCMC)
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After the company implemented this application. I see that the delivery was much more convenient. I can see all the order information on the application no misunderstanding like before. When I arrive at any location, I just need to use the application to communicate with the truck owner.